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Time has come for a true Highline Fender that not only functions well but also looks like it belongs on the vehicle. We spent more than a few hours designing a total replacement front fender for the TJ/LJ market. When we say total replacement we mean unbolt your OEM fender and bolt in ours. It's that simple!!

The biggest benefit to running our Hydra Fender is tire clearance. Whether you are just starting out and want to get to 35's with no lift or you are taking the next step from 37's to 40's there is no need to trash your lift and purchase a larger one. Instead install these Hydra Fenders and get tire clearance you need. Overall you will gain 5 inches of clearance behind the tire and 4 inches on top, you can't get that from a bigger lift. 

Our fenders have been designed to work with the AEV highhood. If you need inner fenders we build those as well, just follow the links below. If you don't feel like building all of the custom brackets to relocate the displaced underhood items check out our underhood accessory relocation bracket kit. 


You can confidently install these fenders knowing they have been constructed from quality materials by the craftsmen at Nemesis Industries. Using a water jet the fender is cut from 3/16" aluminum sheet. The fender is then dried, cleaned, and sanded to remove any dross (slag) leftover from the cutting process. Forming of the flare is handled by our CNC press brake, using tooling developed by our resident tool and die maker. The part is then welded and metal finished providing a seamless finish. Upon completion the fender is once again inspected to ensure a precise fit. 


  • Fenders are available in custom powdercoat and color match paint.
  • Vehicles pictured show inner fenders.
  • Fenders are provisioned for 3/4" LED marker and turn signal lights.
  • Hydra fenders, inner fenders and bracket kit are available as a complete package.  Check it out.


Installation can be handled by the average home installer, and can be completed in five hours for the pair, using basic hand tools.  There is no drilling or cutting required to install these fenders, you will reuse all of your factory hardware.  If you ever have a question during the installation process our skilled technicians will be available during business hours to answer any questions you may have.


  • Hydra Inner Fenders.
  • Underhood Accessory Relocation Bracket Kit.
  • LED marker/turn signal lights.

TJ-TJU Crawler Highline Front Flare

More Information
Weight Shipped 20.000000
Fitment 97-06 TJ-TJU
Sold As Pair
Material Composition Aluminum
Install Time (Hours) 2 Hours
Install Difficulty Level 2: Easy - This difficulty level requires basic hand tools to install (screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, hex keys, etc.). These products typically are installed using screws, standard bolts, and or socket head screws..
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